Participate in BC.GAME’s Lottery Event and Win Huge Prizes!

Participate in BC.GAME’s Lottery Event and Win Huge Prizes!

Being the official crypto casino sponsor of the Argentine Football Association, leading crypto casino BC.GAME celebrates Messi and Argentina’s World Cup Win by holding a huge lottery event for its community of players. The crypto firm offers a cash prize of up to $100,000 up for grabs to BC.GAME’s VIP players and users, on top of exciting activities and announcements worth anticipating.

Extra information about this lottery event is provided to eligible players via their personal emails or through the website’s official notifications, so make sure to stay tuned and updated.

Argentina Wins the FIFA 2022 World Cup

The final football match held in Lusail Stadium in Qatar was recognized by many as one of the most historic events in the entirety of football as Argentina faced 2018 titleholders France in a thrilling game. The nerve-racking match was forced into extra time due to a 3-3 draw where both teams competed in a penalty shootout. Argentina ultimately emerged victors as they scored 4-2 against the defending champions, marking the country’s third win in thirty-six years since it’s victory in 1986.

Besides this, the victory of the Argentine football team is also a huge deal for legendary soccer player Lionel Messi, especially since winning the World Cup championship has been a dream of his for so long – one he has never experienced before.

AFA and BC.GAME’s deal

Crypto Casino of the Year BC.GAME recently entered into a deal with the Argentine Football Association in September, making the crypto casino platform its official sponsor for the tournament. For this reason, BC.GAME, alongside Argentina, swells with pride as it celebrates the country’s hard-earned win by facilitating a lottery event.

Beyond this, the triumph also means more good things to come for the BC.GAME and AFA partnership since it will unlock more opportunities for sports betting events across the globe. Both brands are aligned with their visions to cultivate interest in the sport and the player base, hopefully reaching a broader audience by helping each other through various promotions.

In this respect, BC.GAME’s community of gamblers and players can look forward to an exciting lineup of events as well as exciting promotions in the future. Prominent football players such as Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria, among others, will also engage and interact with the community through different social media activities throughout the six-month partnership.

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